In Poland, dozens of small towns have declared themselves free of “LGBT ideology”. Politicians’ hostility to gay rights has become a flashpoint, pitting the religious right against more liberal-minded Poles. And gay people living in these areas are faced with a choice: emigrate, keep their heads down – or fight back.

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It was hard year BUT

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Niebylec city lost in court!

The Niebylec city authorities tried to censor me and prevent the publication of the photo with the plate “LGBT free zone” by a court ban. Sadly for them court crashed their arguments. When the local government officials from Niebylec found out from Facebook post that I was going to publish picture of their municipality, they…

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I am among Bloomberg Businessweek „Ones to Watch” List!

A few days ago, I had an unexpected call from Bloomberg. I was on my way somewhere from the post office, receiving a letter from the prosecutor’s office (for my activism). I was informed that I had been placed on Bloomberg’s ‘Ones to watch’ list. This is a short list of people who deserve to…

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