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Bart Staszewski, author of LGBT-Free zone project (photo: Przemyslaw Stefaniak)
Recently Poland has witnessed an unprecedented wave of institutionalized homophobia. Polish municipalities across an area greater than the size of Hungary have since 2019 adopted resolutions that discriminate against LGBT people and make intolerance official.
Local municipalities across a third of Poland have adopted resolutions “against LGBT propaganda” or “pro-family”, creating target of members of own communities - the LGBT people.
By beginning of 2020 almost 100 local goverments and city councils have adopted the discriminatory resolutions - including almost 50 resolution that created so called "LGBT-free zones".
I invented my project in late 2019 and made it public at the beginning of 2020. I go to regions that declared as LGBT-free and I am making photos of LGBT people who are from there. I designed a sign that is an outcome of homophobic resolutions and I hang it right under the sign with name of city, province or county that declared as free from LGBT "ideology". By my project I want to highlight homophobia in the regions and show that disgusting acts are not fighting with ideology but real LGBT-people that politicians choose to be enemy of tradition, family and Catholic values. 
I continue my project and I want to around 50 places that introduced such anti-LGBT bills. I also invite LGBT-people from those zone to my project and to give a testimonial about it. 
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