Independent group of activist create “Atlas of Hate”

The Atlas of Hate map is the work of activists Pawel Preneta, Paulina Pajak, and Jakub Gawron. It outlines regions that have adopted the “anti-LGBT declaration” (colored in red); others that have rejected it (green); and regions where extremist lobbying activities are being conducted to adopt the declaration (yellow). The map was launched in November of 2019 and continues to be updated.

In addition, users from other countries can check a spreadsheet to see if their city or province has a partnership with a Polish “LGBT-free zone.”

Gawron, a 38-year-old database administrator living in the city of Rzeszów in southeastern Poland, told Hyperallergic in an email that the project aims to “alert public opinion to threats coming from Christian fundamentalists.”

“We wanted to summarize the local governments’ resolutions in a simple and accessible form,” Gawron wrote. “The resolutions are dispersed, and too difficult to track by journalists who usually have too little time for that.”