Joe Biden condemns Poland’s ‘LGBT-free zones’

The Democratic presidential candidate shared a tweet saying such zones “have no place in the European Union or anywhere in the world.”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden condemned Poland’s so-called LGBT-free zones, saying they “have no place in the European Union or anywhere in the world.”

Biden retweeted an Associated Press article on Sunday about European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s condemnation of what she called “humanity-free zones.”

Without mentioning Poland by name, she said such entities “have no place in our Union.”

“I will not rest when it comes to building a union of equality, a union where you can be who you are and love who you want — without fear of recrimination or discrimination,” von der Leyen said in her first State of the Union address.

On Monday, the Polish Embassy in the United States denied that any such zones exist.

“The assertion in Vice President Joe Biden’s tweet is based on inaccurate media information, as no ‘LGBT-free zones’ exist in Poland,” the embassy tweeted.

“The Polish Government is committed to the rule of law, equal rights and social inclusion. There is no place for discrimination in our societies.”