Polish court in Kielce annul “LGBT ideology-free zone act”, finding it violate constitution

itThe Court in Kielce took into account all the allegations made by the Ombudsman and annulled the resolution.
– In the justification of his decision, he indicated that the anti-LGBT resolution violates the constitutional principle of legalism and that the resolution was issued without a legal basis – informs the Campaign Against Homophobia, whose representative, advocate Karolina Gierdal, was at the court session. – What is more, the court shared the argument that the resolution contains content that excludes residents from the community, stating that the resolution violates the principle of equality guaranteed by the Constitution. According to the court, it is not possible to discriminate on the basis of personal traits such as age, gender or sexual orientation.

– The court agreed with the Ombudsman arguments concerning the prohibition of discrimination. It stated that the resolution issued by the council was discriminatory towards LGBT people. The court also confirmed that there is no such thing as LGBT ideology, and that resolutions are aimed at people,” said Milena Adamczewska-Stachura from the Office of the Ombudsman, after the judgment in Radio TOK FM.