Polish Court In Radom annul “LGBT Ideology-free zone act”, finding it violate constitution

The Court in Radom, evaluating the resolution “Klwów Muncipalitie free from LGBT ideology”, also stated that the term “ideology” refers to people. And also that the municipal council passed a resolution without legal basis and exceeded its powers. The resolution itself is discriminatory. “In our local communities, there are people of different sexual orientation, worldview, different skin colour and each community should make sure that they feel at home. In its resolution, the Klwów Commune Council refers to Polish tradition. It is very good, but there is also a tradition of tolerance in the Polish tradition, and the measure of maturity of a given local government is how we treat our minorities, because the majority will always manage somehow, and attitude towards minorities is the measure of our judgement,’ justified Judge Marek Wroczyński. He also stated that identifying a certain group of people as undesirable is a breach of the rule of law.