Świdnik county first to declare free from LGBT

“Council members decided: “Świdnik province free from LGBT” it is one of the headlines from the articles about first ever bill against so called “LGBT-ideology”. Nobody hided then that the real people affected by the Law and Justice witch-hunt will be not non-existing ideology but humans being – LGBT-people.

There were 15 councillors in favour, 1 abstained and 2 were against. – The Warsaw initiative make us warried. It affects the awareness of teachers who are in some way under pressure for this type of action,’ said Radosław Brzózka, a councillor starting from the PiS list, in an interview with ‘Dziennik Wschodni’ daily.

Brzózka stressed that by the statement they send a ‘signal’ to parents and grandparents of children from schools in Świdnica. – They do not have to fear any ideological pressure. They can raise their children calmly so far,” he noted.

The full text of declaration voted during council meeting :

Position of the Świdnik County Council of 26 March 2019 regarding the suppression of the “LGBT” ideology by the community 

Pursuant to the ideological war incited by certain politicians, the Ostrów Lubelski Town Council is making a “LGBT+ ideology-free municipality” declaration. Radicals intending to conduct a cultural revolution in Poland are attacking freedom of speech, the innocence of children, the authority of the family and the school, and the freedom of enterprise. Therefore, we shall consistently defend our local government community!
“LGBT” ideology-free local government 

In accordance with our centuries-old culture of social life, for the good of life, the family and freedom, we declare that the local government we represent will not interfere with the private lives of Polish men and women. We shall not allow the exaggerated problems and artificial conflicts that the “LGBT+” ideology brings to be imposed on us.

  1. We shall not agree to the illegal installation of political correctness officers at schools (so-called “lighthouse keepers”). We shall protect the right to bring up children in accordance with the convictions of their parents!
  2. We shall do everything to prevent shockers interested in early sexualisation of Polish children from entering the schools according to the so-called World Health Organization standards. We shall protect pupils, ensuring that their parents, with the help of educators, are able to responsibly convey the beauty of human love to them!
  3. We shall not allow administrative pressure to be applied in favour of political correctness (sometimes simply called homopropaganda) in selected professions. We shall protect, among others, teachers and entrepreneurs from the imposition of unprofessional criteria on them, e.g. in educational work, in the choice of employees or trading partners!

We declare that the Ostrów Lubelski Municipal Council will be faithful to national and state traditions while performing its public tasks, remembering the 1053 years since the Baptism of Poland, 100 years after Poland regained its independence and 29 years after recovering local governance of Polish women and men.

Chairperson of the Municipal Council

Andrzej Mańka