Polish MP accuse me of invention of LGBT-free zones

In Nieuwegein, Marco Diekstra, local politician of the liberal VVD, who also includes Prime Minister Mark Rutte, suggested that the partnership be ended: “After the homophobic statement, we had to send a signal to Puławy, to local politics and the LGBT community,” writes Diekstra the DW. “Such a statement is a red line for us as a ‘rainbow city’.” The Poles did not respond to a request for a clarifying discussion, the town hall said. The partnership fell asleep anyway over the years.

The bang, with which the Dutch now ended the partnership, was so loud that it was also heard in Poland. PiS MP Przemysław Czarnek spoke of a “scandal”. In the recent presidential election campaign, Czarnek had promoted the incumbent and later narrow winner Andrzej Duda – and with a degrading statement contributed to the fact that the homophobic tone of the Duda campaign was criticized abroad. At the end of the town twinning, Czarnek tweeted that the local government in Puławy had not passed a resolution on an “LGBT-free zone” – this was the “invention of B. Staszewski”, which slandered Poland’s reputation and must be held responsible. I am now under the police investigation now.