SLAPP: Local governments lawsuit against Atlas of Hate activists

A number of Polish local government authorities  sue the people behind an interactive online “Atlas of Hate“, which depicts areas of Poland that the creators say have adopted anti-LGBT resolutions.

The municipalities in question, which have adopted a “Charter of Family Rights” written by the conservative legal organisation Ordo Iuris, argue it is wrong to have included them on the map of “discriminatory resolutions”, reports news website Onet.

Many media reports, in both Poland and abroad, have identified the municipalities as declaring themselves “free from LGBT ideology” or even “LGBT-free”. In fact, the family charters they have adopted do not mention “LGBT” explicitly.

They do, however, contain a declaration of support for “marriage as [being] between a woman and a man” and for “the right of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs and the right of a child to be protected against moral corruption”.

The latter two arguments are commonly used by conservatives protesting against the introduction of sex education classes, which some argue are being used by LGBT groups to “sexualise children” and even prepare them for abuse. Ordo Iuris has itself explicitly called for “the defence of children against gender policy and LGBT ideology”.