Niebylec city lost in court!

The Niebylec city authorities tried to censor me and prevent the publication of the photo with the plate “LGBT free zone” by a court ban. Sadly for them court crashed their arguments.

When the local government officials from Niebylec found out from Facebook post that I was going to publish picture of their municipality, they decided to prevent me from doing by a court ban. The court examined what my art project was about and left no dry thread on the politicians’ arguments. Now the decision of the district court in Rzeszów will also become extremely important evidence in the law suits brought against me by Tuszów Narodowy and Zakrzówek. I would like to present some of the most important quotations from the order.

There is no evidence that the action taken by the Bart Staszewski has been unlawful.

In the court’s view, municipalities cannot ‘after the fact’ be ashamed of the resolutions they have adopted in the past and only then can they weigh the overall profitability of their adoption.

In its application, the Niebylec Commune in no way managed to prove that the publications which were, what is important, only a consequence and consequence of the adopted resolution, remained in any extent false or falsified. It should be noted in addition that, in the opinion of the Court, they were only a natural response and during the political discussion which was provoked on this subject by muncipalities.